Since 1995, Cousins Construction has been a main stay of the Jamaican Construction Industry supporting our customers and other general contractors in the building of some of the most challenging and prestigious projects throughout the Island.


Our continuous growth and expansion is a testament to our ability to provide the highest quality of work through the most efficient and affordable means. We remain committed to delivering quality services, as we continue to solidify our position as a main stay, and Master Builders in the Construction Industry.


Major Projects

  • RDA#5 upliftment Phase2 (2009)

    RDA#5 upliftment Phase2

    Mining & Haulage of Clay & placement of clay on the Northern and Western slopes of the uplifted Residue Disposal Area 5 embankments

  • RDA#5 upliftment Phase1 (2009)

    RDA#5 upliftment Phase1

    Supply of supervision, labor and equipment for the upliftment of Residue Disposal Area 5 Northern and Western embankments.

  • DRDA# 5 (2008)

    DRDA# 5

    Supply labor, supervision and equipment for Construction of Dry Residue disposal area 5.

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